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3rd generation dragon slayers WTH !! 3RD GENERATION DRAGONSLAYERS ! how cool is that lol xD but about them killing the dragons who teached them dragon slaying magic were like parents to them, and they just killed it ? how the heck did they do that ! at the time they said that they killed the dragons who teached them i wished Natsu would have punched them ! that kinda pissed me off -_- The other Dragon Slayer from Sabertooth is called Rogue and not Gajil. Gajeel is a Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer Hmm I’m curious about the other three strong members of Sabertooth. It was said that they have five strong new members since these 7 years. Are they also Dragon slayer or What magic do they use? Sting and Rogue are 3rd gn DS and are very strong, so this means the others must have a strong magic too. But I do not really think that they are all Dragon Slayer. This would be too much.
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