I Shoujo Bahasa Indonesia

Alternative Name::
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Shounen
Status: Onggoing
Penulis: TAKAYAMA Toshinori
Seniman:TAKAYAMA Toshinori
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Sinopsis : There is a magic love app that supposedly helps people’s dreams of love come true. The first story of this love app follows Tetta and Ginko, friends who have bickered since grade school. Tetta looks up the magic app on a whim, and ends up with an application that is connected to Ginko. When he manipulates the “Ginko” on the app, it affects the real girl. He’s embarrassed to have it in the first place, but he can’t uninstall it without inputting Ginko’s measurements. Whether he actually likes Ginko romantically or not, it seems that this app could only make the situation worse!

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I Shoujo – Chapter 07   
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I Shoujo – Chapter 04
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I Shoujo – Chapter 02 : Uninstal
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I Shoujo – Chapter 01 : Evil Little App

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